Roland Sands

Roland Sands is an American motorcycle racer and designer of custom high-performance motorcycles. In his career as a professional motorcycle racer he won the 1998 AMA 250GP National Champion road racer championship, and today is also an award-winning designer of custom performance motorcycles.  As the owner and founder of Roland Sands Designs, a company that sells custom motorcycle parts, he is known for unique designs and has developed a cult following around the world.


After the strong success of the initial collection that is sold out, Szanto has added a new chronograph series to expand the offerings bearing the motorcycle legend’s name and logo, and it features upgrades including thick Swiss superluminova lume (for all-night glow) and a more durable, K1 crystal to resist scratching. The 3-hand series received the same upgrades. As with the initial collection, the chronographs were designed in conjunction with Sands, to expand offerings in his namesake collection.


The watches are meant to reflect his zeal for racing and love for the motorcycling community. “As with the original series, the new chronograph design is meant to invoke the feeling of instruments on a bike and reflects his individualism, just as one sees in his motorcycle creations, while exhibiting a very vintage character,” said Time Concepts Founder Barry Cohen. “Roland was instrumental in the overall design of his watch series.  We’re eager to share it with his fans.” 


The watch is rugged, tough, and dependable, crafted with a satin brushed 316L stainless case with screw case back to ensure its 100 meter water resistance.  The strap is made of USA-sourced Horween leather, famous for its beauty and durability – it will quickly pick up the look of well-worn motorcycle boots and jackets and take on a vintage patina adding more character the longer it’s worn.  The straps feature easy on/off fingernail pull spring pins to allow for strap changes in a matter of seconds, so one can change the look of the watch easily.  Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the design is raised padded ribs on the strap that emulate the beautiful stitch treatments seen on Roland’s signature jackets that are revered and collected the world over. 


The Szanto ICON Signature Series are small collections of watches tied to famous individuals who have made their mark in a variety of fields. Time Concepts’ ICONs are masters of their respective crafts and all share an appreciation and affinity for quality timepieces. Other industry leaders in the ICON series include Indy Series and Indy 500 Champion Danny Sullivan, and renowned big-wave surfer, Shane Dorian, both of whom also worked closely with Time Concepts to define, design and develop a timepiece that connects to their respective styles and personalities, all while maintaining the Szanto commitment to excellence. In this way, ICON watches reflect the tastes and interests of the people who inspired them.