420Waldos™, celebrates the growing trend towards widespread legalization of cannabis throughout the United States. The belief that EVERY adult from coast to coast should be provided access to safe and legal cannabis has led Time Concepts to support this effort by donating a portion of the proceeds from every 420Waldos watch sale to organizations working to change cannabis laws, such as the Drug Policy Alliance and NORML.  With 6 more states legalizing medicinal cannabis in late 2020, most states continue to demonstrate that they are way ahead of the federal government in recognizing the benefits of medicinal cannabis in providing relief for people. The 420Waldos brand was conceived to help push for federal legalization and donates to this cause with every watch sold, while providing a fashionable accessory for proponents of cannabis, whether medicinal or recreational.


The term “420Waldos” originates from a story dating back to 1971 when five friends from Marin County, California would meet every day after school along a wall by the statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20pm to smoke cannabis, and decide what mischief they might get into that afternoon. Their classmates coined them the “420Waldos” and thus the 420 moniker was born. Today 420 is a globally recognized term representing cannabis. The Waldos’ story and the growing cannabis movement in the U.S. inspired the 420Waldos watch collection. 


The 420Waldos brand includes two series, Bud (41mm) and Mary Jane (34mm). Both offer a wide mixture of colored dials housed in stainless steel cases with scratch resistant, hardened mineral glass crystals. A leaf at 4:20 on each dial adds a fun, casual flavor to the simple design. The various color leather straps are made of soft calfskin and have easy on/off spring pins that allow for quick strap changes in a matter of seconds. The watches are powered by Japanese Quartz movements to ensure accuracy and dependability.


The 420Waldos™ watch brand features a revolutionary new illumination technology – Visible247 – with miniature light receptive crystals molded into polymer watch dials that results in the highest performing photo luminescent injection molded polymers ever created. When exposed to any light source for 10 minutes, the 420Waldos watch dial will glow in the dark for at least 10 hours, a much more durable glow than has been possible until now.  “Having worked with one superior luminous technology for so long with my former brand, I was particularly enthused to discover and introduce another new lume technology to both the watch market and the consumer world” said Barry Cohen, Time Concepts founder. “It seems my career has been centered on bringing superior lume technologies to the watch category and the consumer market, this time with a remarkable breakthrough that takes photo luminescence to a level never achieved before.”